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I’m Nikki Caputa, and I am a personal trainer based in Fareham, Hampshire. Unlike many personal trainers, I can honestly say that I understand your struggles because I have worked through the same issues myself. I have also worked with hundreds of ladies just like you. Seeing them achieve their goals makes all the effort worthwhile.

My journey to becoming a personal fitness trainer started in my late teens, when, like many ladies, I struggled with my weight. Then in 2000 I had twins, and afterwards I put on more than 4 stone in weight!

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Like you, I tried every diet under the sun and the results were disappointing. I felt hungry all the time and was dismayed when the little weight I lost went back on, in the blink of an eye. Even spending hours in the gym didn’t seem to make much difference, and I couldn’t understand why all this effort wasn’t producing the results I so dearly wanted.

Finally, after much research, I discovered that I was simply eating the wrong things and exercising in the wrong way. Soon, by eating more of the right foods and doing smaller amounts of the correct type of training, I got breathtaking results quickly. Today I love sharing what I learned with ladies like you. Why should you have to struggle any more when there really is a better way. Once you learn what to do, you too can get and keep the body shape you dreamed of for so long.

It’s not just about looking fabulous

Being fit and healthy, benefits every aspect of my life, and it know it can be the same for you too. Imagine feeling more energized and full of life, having better skin, fewer aches and pains and a fantastic body that turns heads and makes you smile every time you look in the mirror.

Call me today and take the first steps to the body of your dreams.

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