Bring Me Sunshine….

Bring me sunshine………………………. I'm a big fan of vitamin D especially in the form of liquid gold or sunshine. Recently it has been in the press as there is controversy as to whether there are benefits, especially in winter, to adding it as a supplement to our food. Here...

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Fitness myths ……..REAL OR NO REAL?

There are several questions that my clients often ask or are confused about when they start their health and fitness journey. You have heard these fitness myths over and over again and you want to understand why exactly they are myths and should be ignored. By the end...

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Food Claims

Today is a look back over the years at all the different diet and food claims that have been made and that we followed. So if you think that some of the advice on faddy diets and super-foods are bad? In years gone by, the public was told that Coca-Cola cures...

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Random fish pie!

Serves around 4-5 2 large pieces cod 2 large pieces smoked fish Almond milk (enough to poach the fish in) 1 bay leaf 6 peppercorns 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp rice flour 1 tsp dried tarragon 3 eggs, hardboiled frozen peas fresh spinach 3-4 potatoes, peeled 2 sweet potatoes,...

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Hidden Sugar

One of the many concerns my clients have is how to lose fat from specific areas, especially around their tummies, but everyone seems to have different areas that they find it hard to shift weight from.So how do you shift excess fat or gain more tone in those specific...

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Understanding Sugar Cravings

Most people, especially us women want to lose weight or change our body shape or both to some extent. So why is it then that we self-sabotage, especially when the emotional chips are down? Why when we're fed up, angry, stressed or upset in any kind of way do we seek...

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The Green Goddess

1 cup coconut milk or non dairy milk of choice 1 cup fresh mango 1/2 to 1 banana (depending on consistency) 1 handful of fresh spinach 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 tbsp. nut butter (any is ok except peanut) I whizzed up some ice first because I like mine cold, then just add all...

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5 a day should be 7+

Are you feeling motivated now after my last two articles? Hopefully you have managed to put some of the tips into action and you feel more of an urge to get your trainers back on and get out into the fresh air. For the past few days I have been following a 7 day detox...

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The Importance of Adequate Hydration

Most people seem to know that water is good for them and that they should drink more of it. But how many people really understand why it's crucial to your health and well-being and that the great majority of us are under consuming when it comes to water intake? The...

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Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Ingredients 250g dark chocolate, chopped 200g unsalted butter, cut into cubes 1 tablespoon Tia Maria or other liqueur (optional) 250g beetroot, cooked 3 eggs a drop of vanilla extract 200g coconut sugar 50g cocoa powder, 50g rice flour (ground rice) 1 teaspoon baking...

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My Article in The Portsmouth News

Sport offers fun, health and fitness on wheels Saturday was International Women’s Day, celebrating how women have inspired change through the century. This is the 104th year for International Women’s Day and my column this week looks at how learning a fun sport has...

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Party, party party!!

HOW TO EAT OUT AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT   With the party season well on its way here are a few helpful hints to help you prepare for all the food and drink and celebrating heading your way. You really don't have to overindulge. So have a read, follow the guidelines and...

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Omega 3- is there a real reason to panic?

  Good question really and having read the report that appeared in Sky news last Thursday I decided to do some more research myself. It is very easy to take what is reported in the news literally and my advice to you would be to look at ALL of the research out...

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What can you acheive in 7 days?

Hi there 🙂 What will you achieve in the next 7 days if you just make a few small changes? Attitude has been the big word for me today, I had to turn a really negative attitude into a much more positive one and it turned out that I had a great day instead of a not so...

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