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boot camps

FAB Body Boot Camps make getting fit and healthy easier

Have you tried lots of diets (including the weird ones) without long term success?

Do you suffer with tiredness, low energy or stress?

Would you benefit from having somebody to motivate you?

Are you too BUSY to exercise regularly or eat healthily?

Does even the thought of going to a gym fill you with dread?

Are you unhappy with the way your body looks?

Unlike traditional dieting and gym memberships, our FAB Body Boot camps have a positive significant and sustained effect on your health and wellbeing. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy the energising and calorie burning effects of a fresh air work out with a group of like-minded exercise buddies.

My RISK FREE BOOTCAMPS in Fareham will quickly tone and firm whilst melting away those unwanted extra inches in all the right places.

Each boot camp programme runs for 4 weeks and includes a maximum of twelve outdoor workouts lasting 45 minutes.

Timing options to suit you

Are you a morning person? With FAB Body Boot camps we run an early morning boot camp which starts at 6.15am – 7am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.You will exercise with like-minded workout buddies and also receive personal coaching from me!

Each FAB Body Boot Camp includes:

• A personalised nutrition plan that is easy to follow and that actually works
• Short but effective workouts that send your body`s natural fat burning mechanism into overdrive. In just 45 short minutes you will burn up to 6 hours’ worth of calories
• Unbounded energy and vitality
• Support , motivation and exercise advice
• Healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime

• On-going support through email and coaching meetings

• A firm toned body that you will admire when you look in the mirror

• No more starvation diets or counting calories, sins or points!

• Guaranteed results

What do I get?

• Each single camp runs over a 4 week period and includes:
• Nutrition help
• Ongoing support
• 12 exercise sessions within the chosen time slot.

Early Morning Boot Camp

Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6.15-7.00am
12 x 45 minute sessions over the month

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