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parsonal training

Want to drop a clothes size and up to a stone each month?

Many people find losing weight, toning their body and getting fit a real challenge. Knowing what to do, how to do it and keeping motivated whilst holding down a job or managing a family isn’t easy.

Why struggle on your own when a personal trainer like Nikki Caputa can help you achieve more in less time and have fun doing it.

What do you get with a FAB Fitness personal trainer?


A personalised nutrition plan that actually works and is easy to follow


Enough energy to do anything you want to do


Expert advice, understanding and motivation


New healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime


On-going support to keep you on track. (via email and coaching meetings)


A fit, firm, fantastic looking body


No starvation diets or counting calories, sins or points!


Guaranteed results

How does it work?

We are based in Fareham and cover South East Hampshire, and we take your health and fitness as seriously as you do.

Step 1: Clarifying your health and fitness goals

In the initial consultation, we review your health and fitness goals along with your lifestyle and eating habits.

Step 2: A tailor made fitness and nutrition programme designed for you

Now that I understand what you want to achieve I put together a personalised, flexible programme of exercise and nutrition designed to give you the results that you want.

We guarantee that you’ll be able to follow your own personal programme at home using a range of proven fat loss methods. Your programme will be varied and fun, as we’ll combine body weight exercises with many other fantastic fat loss tools including Kettle Bells.

Step 3: Coaching and motivation to follow the plan

Having a plan is one thing, following it is another, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. I will coach you through this programme and give you all the motivation, help and support that you’ll complete your health and fitness journey.

During the first month, I will work with you 1:1 and give you additional homework to be completed by yourself. At the end of month one I’ll asses your progress and adjust the programme if necessary. In between our 1:1 sessions you are still supported, and you can ask for help or motivation via email or phone.

Do I have to join a Gym?

No. I usually come to your home for the personal training sessions or, if you prefer, we can arrange to meet anywhere that is mutually convenient as long as it is suitable.

How much does personal training cost?

Because personal training works, it offers a truly cost effective health and fitness solution. To find out more about our prices and to check if we can fit you in, take a minute now to fill out the contact form or email me today.

Wedding, birthday or holiday packages: Perhaps you have a special occasion that you need to get into shape for? If so, I offer package prices for these as well. Please ask for for more details of these great value personal training packages.

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