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sports massage

Sports injury? – Get back to full fitness fast with our expert sports massage

You don’t need to be a serious athlete to benefit from sports massage. Even weekend joggers can pick up painful injuries due to straining or overusing specific muscle groups. If this is the case for you, sports massage is one of the most effective treatments to get you back on your feet fast.

Sports massage can also be preventative. If you are taking part in any exercise and fitness regime, appropriate sports massage can help in preparing for and preventing minor injuries, as well as shortening recovery periods. Appropriate sports massage treatment offers a range of valuable benefits including:

Reduced recovery times

Reduced tiredness and fatigue

Enhanced endurance

Reduced soreness and swelling

Enhanced flexibility

Injury prevention

Sports massage is so effective because it targets specific muscles, ligaments or tendons. Sports massage has been shown to improve flexibility and range of motion in areas such as the hip flexor. In addition, sports massage stimulates the lymphatic system accelerating the body’s natural processes for removal of toxins and cramp inducing lactic acid.

What happens when we injure a muscle?

When a muscle is damaged, it takes 4-5 days before the damaged fibres start to repair themselves. If they are left to heal by themselves, they have a tendency to shorten and tighten leading to long term pain, stiffness and reduced mobility. Sports massage can prevent this by helping the fibres to heal correctly, without this contraction to the muscle; helping to get you back to full fitness fast.

Fab Body Fitness offers fully qualified expert sports massage to complement your exercise and fitness programme.

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